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Milli, Jack and the Dancing Cat

    by Monkey Baa Theatre Company
    on the book by Stephen Michael King
    3 July - 28 July


    1. jude.crawford said

      i loved that Milli liked to get junk & turn the junk into something new & awsome!

    2. tisya said

      i loved your show very much.Ti was outstanding!

    3. tisya said

      how did you made the town beautiful? what materials did you used

    4. 1/2R said

      1/2R think that the show was funny and awsome. It was fantastic because in one part the house was new and beautifully decorated. Children will enjoy this play as it is happy because Milli learnt to dance and she couldn’t dance before. It’s also good that they became friends. by 1/2R at Fort St PS.

    5. Mia dinh said

      it was very funny when Milli could not dance but when she had been teached i was inpresst by here skills

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