Hitler’s Daughter

Hitlers daughtersml
by Monkey Baa Theatre Company
on the novel by Jackie French
19 October - 02 November
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This award winning show tells the story of Hitler’s Daughter through the eyes of four Australian children Mark, Ben, Anna and Tracey. As the friends wait for the school bus in country Australia one rainy morning Anna begins to tell the tale of Heidi, daughter of the most hated man in history. The play switches between 1940’s Nazi Germany and contemporary Australia as one of the friends, Mark, becomes engrossed in Anna’s story.

Could Heidi have stopped the atrocities of genocide, war and hate her father raged on the world during World War II? Would he have acted differently in her place? Heidi’s story leads him to question his own identity and the world around him. Hitler’s Daughter opened in 2006 and continues to go from strength to strength. In 2013 the show will complete a ten-week US tour (see tour link for details).

Winner – 2007 Helpmann Award– Best Children’s Presentation

Winner – 2007 APACA Drover Award for Touring Excellence

Winner – 2006 Drover Special Panel Award

Hitlers Daughter 2013 US Tour Dates Flyer

Adapted by Eva Di Cesare, Sandra Eldridge & Tim McGarry
Director Sandra Eldridge
Designer Imogen Ross
Lighting Designer Luiz Pampolha
Sound Designer Jeremy Silver
Cast 2011 Melle Stewart, Kate Worsley, Michael Gupta, Robert Jago
Cast 2006 Mikaela Martin, Tahli Corin, Matthew Goodwin, Nathan Carter, Tim McGarry
Supporters Sydney Jewish Museum, Healthway, Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation, Arts On Tour, James N. Kirby Foundation.

‘Emotive and gripping’ Australian Jewish News

‘Wonderful performances…moving and beautifully handled… it stayed with me for weeks’ Low Down Magazine.

‘Evocative and entertaining…deft and poignant’ Launceston Review

‘The journey was spellbinding’ The Gladstone Observer

Download extensive PDFs full of education resource materials recommended for students stage 3 and stage 4.

Teachers’ Resources, Australia

Teachers’ Resources, USA

2012 Sydney Dates

19th Oct – 2nd Nov Lend Lease Darling Quarter Theatre, Sydney

USA Tour Schedule 2013

25 Feb–1 March Tennessee Performing Arts Center, Nashville, TN

Download PDF for the entire 2013 USA Tour

Hitlers Daughter 2013 US Tour Dates Flyer


  1. Rasha G said

    What an amazing performance!!!
    I watched this today with my English and Drama class.
    It was an amazing production, brilliant performers, intimate and personal performance space, and overall a fantastic adaptation. My students and I thoroughly enjoyed this and would recommend this performance for all ages.

  2. Kate Stavert said

    An excellent dramatic relaisation of the novel. My year seven students were thoroughly engaged throoughout the performance and I was very impressed by the calibre of the acting and the use of the elements of production. I would highly recommend this performance.

  3. Sanya and Sophie said

    Hitler’s Daughter was an outstanding and entertaining play. It had effective lighting, interesting costumes and the accent was a great effort. The acting was spectacular, they were deep into the play and were entertaining. The props were brilliantly used. We thoroughly enjoyed it and it is worth watching again.

  4. Leah said

    I enjoyed play because it was hilarious. I loved how they used German accents even through the actors weren’t German. I also enjoyed how they used the shadow to play Hitler. The act was brilliantly done. It was hilarious when Tracey was mad about the Germans eating rabbit pie. I felt sad when Hitler told the guards that Heidi wasn’t her daughter.
    The play was different to the book because there wasn’t a scene when Tracey was mad about the rabbit pie or when Tracey, Anna and Mark were in the bus singing. I thoroughly enjoyed this play because it was very creative and funny.

  5. Anna L.C. said

    I saw Hitler’s daughter with my year today. I really enjoyed this play and really liked the detail that the play contained. I thought that the actors portrayed the German characters very well. I liked the use of accents, costumes and sets. The use of lighting and sounds were very effective and made me feel scared at times. I think this play would be enjoyable for all ages.

  6. Alice Jessup said

    I was very moved by the performance and I had tears in my eyes at the end. I also thought that the lighting and sound were very effective.
    I very much enjoyed this adaptation of ‘Hitler’s Daughter’ and the cast’s acting was amazing.

  7. Kate,Aditi said

    We loved this play a lot. We really liked the use of movement; the way the actors moved around the stage was very effective. The costumes made them look like different characters. We also liked the dynamic voices and their wonderful accents of the German language. We felt very sad when Heidi was left alone in the bomb shelter. We found it hilarious when Mrs Larders (the bus driver) came onto the set. We enjoyed watching how the actors used the props in many different ways. The set and the music made it feel realistic. We think everyone should watch this play.

  8. Ava and Katherine said

    That was a phenomenal production! We watched it today with my English class. It was an emotional and gripping adaptation of the book. We thought that the use of lighting and sound effects was effective. It was hilarious when the cast was on the bus screaming when taking a sharp turn. The German accents were extraordinary. We enjoyed watching this amazing performance.

  9. kelly ziling said

    Hitler’s daughter was amazing performance .The performers were brilliant and the story was fantastic. During the story, we started to laugh when Ben appeared dressed as a female, and we felt sad when Heidi said:” I don’t have father, I don’t have mother, I’m alone.” We enjoyed watched this performance!

  10. Elinor MomO said

    We thought the performance was just absolutely terrific. The costumes were matching the character that they were playing. The German accent sounded very fluent also the director did a very great job of putting together the play. I recommend this play for all ages. I’ll definitely watch this again.

  11. grace kim said

    To start with, we really enjoyed the play Hitler’s Daughter because of the use of sound effects, the accents, the timing and the realism of the play. The emotions of the actors showed great perspectives of the character and the acting was really effective. The realism of the play was skilful and we felt like we were in the situation with all the lights and sound effects going on. The intensity of the story made the play more realistic and an amazing play. Bravo!

  12. Hannah and Cathryn said

    Today we attended the performance of Hitler’s Daughter. We thoroughly enjoyed this performance. We were frightened by the use of sound and lighting when the English dropped bombs on Germany and when we could see the shadows of the soldiers. We were moved by the whole story and the use of German accents and language impressed us. The use of the shelves behind the bus stops was efficient. Anna seemed very mature for her age while Tracy acted much younger than her age. The costumes were efficient and, at times, hilarious. The silhouette of Hitler made him seem very intimidating. They projected their voices extremely well so everyone could hear clearly. Overall, it was a magnificent performance that was extremely enjoyable to watch.

  13. mcoiravrean said

    Today our year watched this play. We thoroughly enjoyed Hitler’s Daughter because it was a very moving performance. The actors did an exceptional job of portraying their characters. We think the German accents were very realistic and made the story more believable. The use of the props was simple but effective. The plot was very similar to the book. We liked the sound effects and the lighting because they made the scenes frightening. The use of multimedia made us believe that Hitler was really there. The actor playing little Tracey seemed like she was a young girl and we believed that until the end. We enjoyed listening to the questions and answers at the end because we found them interesting and we discovered more about the actors. This play made us sad in some parts but it also made us laugh.

  14. mOmO said

    We thought the performance was just absolutely terrific. The costumes were matching the character that they were playing. The German accent sounded very fluent also the director did a very great job of putting together the play. I recommend this play for all ages. I’ll definitely watch this again.

  15. creepy bug said

    I absolutely loved this performance. I have not read the book Hitler’s Daughter by Jackie French but this performance has inspired me to pick up a copy.
    I found the fight scenes were amazing; I felt like I was in the Second World War.
    The actors were wondrous. They had perfected accents and could turn them on and off seemingly without effort. Their makeup made them look so much younger, some of them looked ten but admitted to having finishing school. Their costume changes were so quick that a character reappeared in a totally different costume three seconds later.
    There was magnificent sound and lighting. There was a shadow of Hitler who was absolutely terrifying. The props looked easy to remove but still realistic and effective.
    Overall, I think that it is a very good performance for children from 8 to13.

  16. 2GUMI&JOEY said

    We really enjoyed this play.The costumes were very well designed and the set was very realistic and efficient.The lighting and the sound effects were very effective and made the story more interesting. I found it hilarious when the characters were riding on the bus. The play was a little different to the novel and certainly shorter but they made it effective. The dialogue was easy to understand and the actors said the dialogue clearly despite using accents. The actors were excellent at changing the characters and the costumes. The acting was professional and they were very good at keeping straight faces. They expressed their characters well and we loved it.

  17. Sally and Helen said

    We enjoyed watching the play Hitler’s Daughter a lot. We have never read the book. The sound effects were different for every scene and some of the sound effects were dramatic at times. The props were really realistic and we were very interested in the set when we came into the theatre. Some of the scenes were very hilarious and funny. The play used lots of sound effects and lights to make us feel what it was like to be in World War 2. The characters were very well portrayed. The props were really realistic and made the plot easier to understand. We hope we can see more plays from Money Baa more often, we recommend this to all ages.

  18. 2GUMI&JOEY said

    We really enjoyed this play. The costumes were very well designed and the set was very realistic and efficient. The lighting and the sound effects were very effective and made the story more interesting. I found it hilarious when the characters were riding on the bus. The play was a little different to the novel and certainly shorter but they made it effective. The dialogue was easy to understand and the actors said the dialogue clearly despite using accents. The actors were excellent at changing the characters and the costumes. The acting was professional and they were very good at keeping straight faces. They expressed their characters well and we loved it.

  19. Mason Skribins said

    Great performance, very good actors, good sound affects. Year seven from my school and I really enjoyed the show.

  20. Lovely Smiley Face said

    I loved it!

  21. Miksie Piksie said

    I loved the whole play! It all felt really realistic, especially with the added sound effects and costumes. It was just like the book. I went with my school and we all thought that the play was just AMAZING! The actors were really fast when changing heir costumes and they were really good at acting out their character! Thank you Monkey Baa Theatre for showing this production.

  22. kearbear said

    It was AMAZING. I loved, I went with my class and one other we all enjoyed it. It felt like I was in there in Germany or at the bus stop. They were great actors and costumes. I would definitely go again and again. The sound effects sounded so real. Thank you for the great performance.

  23. Ethan (Deadbunnies2) said

    This performance was outstanding. The performance was spectacular. This show is great for all ages, for an example i am only 11 years old but i thoroughly enjoyed the show.
    I was in front of some 18 year olds and they were laughing there heads off. The performers were spectacular in making it feel as though it was realistic. The actors were very quick at changing scenes and costumes. I came with my school and there were 4 other schools there. One was from the Hunter Valley! I got what i was expecting and i would love to see a video from u tube about if they ever will go to germany. All in all this was a very exciting show and i thank everybody for what they did.

  24. 5c St Ives North Public said

    I liked the effect of running through the forest with the lights flashing on and off, it looked like it was a video and that bits were skipped and the actors jumped from one place to the next. It felt like you were actually there. James, Charlotte and Ava.

    I liked the beginning with the dark set and Heidi coming on singing twinkle twinkle little star – it was eerie and mystical. Regina.

    I liked the acting it gave you a real feel for the personality of the characters. Mia.

    The moving of the set from a bus shelter to Heidi’s house and Mark’s house was good. Georgia.

    There was no need for a curtain to change sets and Mark and Ben were watching the play with us when Heidi’s story was being told. Charlotte.

    The costuming was clever and they could transition believably between one character and another. Sarah.

    I liked the shadow work of Hitler on the screen – he changed his posture to appear smaller. Brad.

    They stayed very true to the story and you had a feel like you were in world war 2 – it was very professional. Aryon.

    I liked it when Mark and Heidi were talking together on stage – it was like the 2 worlds were coming together. Hannah.

    The timing of sound effects and use of sets was excellent. Erik.

  25. Amz said

    Hitlers daughter was a great show, it was funny but really showed what it would have been like for Heidi. There was some great acting and the bombing was really realistic. It was clever how they swapped scenes because its vey hard to swap between Australia and Germany. It really showed how Heidi felt and how hard it would have been to be Hitler’s daughter.

    I went to see Hitler’s Daughter in a class excursion and it was definately worth it. Hitlers daughter was a good length of time and you never got bored.

    definately worth the trip

  26. Sharjanet said

    I really enjoyed the performance, it was brilliant. The accents the cast had to produce so they could resemble they were Germans was amazing and how the props were used was brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance and was very entertained by the cast. The whole of my year (7) would probably agree with me that this was a very captivating theatrical performance and would love to see this again!!!!

    Sharjanet, Burwood Girls High

  27. anissa said

    WOW AWESOME PERFORMECE like what sharjanet said it was great and i would LOVE to see it again

    PS I know Sharjanet

    Anisssa , Burwood Girls High

  28. bo said

    that was a good play. BRAVO!!!!

  29. summer said

    i was there and it was awesome and funny but one day i want to be in your play<3

  30. cameron bates said

    The show was great I really enjoyed the performance it was the best play I ever seen the acters where great I never got bored it was worth the trip I would go agian

  31. jenna said

    I really enjoyed the play . i really want to see that play agin .

  32. tucker said

    That was the best play I’ve ever seen.

  33. Alexis Simon said

    i really enjoyed the performance! It was great! I would really love to go back and see another play. The people who were in the play were great! I really enjoyed the play and hope to go back soon!

  34. tucker said

    That was the best play I’ve ever seen. You did it like a BOSS!

  35. Nicholas Johnson said

    This play was a very great play, I injoyed it alot. It was really intresting. I hope to see more plays by the cast in the future. I was surprised that you could make this play with your accents. This was the best play i’ve ever seen

  36. gavin said

    i was there and it was cool and i can act,too

  37. Kyra said

    i thought this was a very nice play i liked how it didnt go completely black during the black outs and how when she told the story in the play it really came alive i like the motions that they used for riding in the car i like the part where they were sinnging on the bus and then the bus driver came it was just such a wonderful preformace and the acters were so good espicailly with all there parts thank you for the wonderful time

  38. Ali said

    I thought it was a really good play. I went there with my school and we all had a good time. It would be really fun to go and see another play there again. I thought the bus driver character was really funny. I also liked the part where they started singing the song on the bus. The actors were really nice after the play when they answered all our questions. I would love to go there again this year.

  39. jessica parnham said

    I loved it , it was as good as the book mabey better my friend was asking all kinds of questions like if Hitler realy had a daughter if he would be a better person . They gave us realy good answers too.

  40. morgan jones said

    Hitlers daughter was a wonderful performance. I thought that Ben did a great job playing more than one part. Also the background was good. Thanks for letting us come for our field trip.

  41. Johnny said

    Yay! Best play ever!

  42. Jenna said

    I really enjoyed the performance !!!:) I really want to see the play agin !! I loved it when the cast was on the bus and sang that song , it was really funny !! I love the props used in the play . It was like the props made the play alive ! Me and my friends had a wonderful time at the play !!! And if the same people ever do another play I would love to come see it !

  43. cole harding said

    the best show ever you guys where great i hope I get to see it agin!

  44. Jake said

    this was a pretty good play i liked yalls aksent from australia

  45. Larson Meltzer said

    That was an awesome play!I would like to see that again.It was cool seeing people playing more than one part.My friends and I enjoyed it.Thanks for letting us come and God Bless.

  46. Brooke is awesome said

    THIS PLAY WAS AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. andres (boss) said

    this play was awesome!they only had 4 people but they managed.how i managed being a fat friar in robin hood

  48. andres (boss) said

    it was awesome

  49. Jakaila said

    Your show was really great I hope you do it again anouther time its so good i want to see it again you were AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Thank-you for the amazing preformance!!!

  50. Brooke is awesome said

    COOL i think it would be cool if you did a series

  51. shelby said

    I really enjoyed the performance! I think it was better than the book and thanks for answering the questions that we didn’t understand. I think this was the best play I have ever seen.

  52. owen said

    I liked the play it was funny my favorite part was the war it was AWESOME
    thank you for letting us watch yall are like bosses

  53. Trey Frame said

    Hitler’s daughter is the best play ever. it was a good at the top level!!!!!!!! great job to the cast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Reyna said

    .I would really like to go see the play again.I liked the part where there was lighting.I think that little Tracy played good as Heidi.I really enjoyed the performance.I loved it I wish I could see it a million times!

  55. gracie hunt said

    it was really good i liked the way people would do different accents without the show but i do wish it would show the ending part whe she go’s and lives with the other family. other than that is was really good!

  56. madison golden said

    the play was really awesome i hope to see it again me and my friend enjoyed it very much! thanks you for letting us come and watch the best play ever!

  57. alyssa rigsby said

    that play was the most awsome play i have ever seen in my life i wish i could be like you

  58. luis beana said

    the story was really fun it was the best play i have ever seen I wish i could go there every day and see a play that place is great and I might ask my dad to take me there again someday .it was really fun i really loved the play.It was the most amaising play i have ever seen in my life.

  59. Jessica Woods said

    It was graet i wish i could see it over. I like it there was a graet cast. I was fuuny too,and i like the accents. From my vote they get a #1!!!!

  60. sarah thomas said

    It was a exstroudinary play i loved it sooooooo much …… i wish it went on forever!!! I’ve seen quite a few plays ,like Alice in Wonderland ,Peter Pan ,and Wizard of Oz … i actually played a character in that play and I’ve seen many more , but Hitler’s Daughter is the best one I’ve seen so far!!!!!!Theres just something about your play that made it extra special ….. in my Opinion!!!!!!! Anyways great show!!!!!BRAVO!!!

  61. whinston alford said

    i thought it was good but some parts where funny and some where not funny there was some stuff you could have changed like the part when it showed hitlers you could have put 1 of the directers as hitler. and i liked the part when bin said about the bomers and stuff. heidi where did you get that name at but if heidi ever hear her father say he loved her well that would be fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and when i am older i will tell evry body about this play . i would put all your names in it. but i did not like the part that said who is this girl i do not no her . it was the best play i have ever heard in 4 years so you should be prould of yourself and i hope you invite us to see it agin . so from this day ford i call this play a hit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. auggie said

    i really enjoyed the play! fanominal performance by all in it! great personality changes by the guy that played Ben. i really can’t think of any changes other than it was a little rushed. it had a great variety of amusing bits!! also a really great story u chose, i enjoyed reading it. it also had an awesome lesson behind it. my favorite person was the bus driver!i loved the fanominal actors and everything it was awe inspiring how u made due with so little props!! again great play. o_0

  63. sam said

    The play was magnificent! It had very broad details, and included lots of good glimmery words!Also it keept concentrated on the main idea and subject.I liked marks personality.He was always asking questions like me!All of the characters worked hard in the play,and they all had some hard parts to play because they all played multiple roles in the play!Finally the staff did a great job on the play i was impresed!All of the characters had a wide variety of customs. thank you for presenting the play to us it was fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Carrie Smith said

    Thank you so much for visiting Lancaster, PA this morning and performing this play. It was so emotionally powerful and raises such important questions. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again!

  65. Lou Greer said

    I volunteer with the youth program at the Peace Center in Greenville, SC. I was enthralled by the show and, more importantly, numerous teachers who brought their students to the show told me that Hitler’s Daughter was the most important show they had seen as part of our program. They planned to follow through with additional study of that period of world history. Congratulations.

  66. mary rita said

    I just went today. I thought it was really amazing. I went with the school i go to

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